I am facing an issue where callback is not happening in index.j, this is my code

cordova.require("com.salesforce.plugin.oauth").getAuthCredentials( function(creds) { // Force init // Force.init(creds, null, null, cordova.require("com.salesforce.plugin.oauth").forcetkRefresh);

              // Register for push
                  function(message) {
                      // alert(JSON.stringify(message));
                      if (message["payload"] && message["payload"]["Id"] && !message["foreground"]) {
                          //app.router.editAccount(message["payload"]["Id"], Force.CACHE_MODE.SERVER_FIRST);
                  function(error) {
                      // alert(JSON.stringify(error));
       function(error) {
           console.log("Auth failed: " + error);

Any reason why the callback is not happening and also any way of getting the javascript logs in Xcode.


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