• Email warmup process was good.
  • Fri, June 12: Sent a success content to an old audience (mostly subscribers in 2018) that got a low open rate < 10%.
  • Halt sending till Monday, June 15: Test a Journey with automated emails, found all emails in the spam box.
  • Tested with a test campaign to my personal and colleague's emails, also all Spam.
  • Check on stats:
    • Average open: 21%
    • Average click: 1.94%
    • Bounce: 0.34%
    • Unsubscribe: 0.02%
    • Complaints: ~0%
  • SenderScore didn't record Volume Sent last month.
  • No website at this domain. Setting up SSL, not completed yet.

Picture, Plan, Report is below. What should I do? Any guidance?

Full version:

TL-DR in the comment.

My organization has run the IP warming-up process for nearly a month and the process has been executed very well during the first 28 days.

My email list has been filtered by ZeroBounce and contains mostly Gmail. Email Domain Portions

From Day 1 till Day 26, everything went great because I only sent emails to subscribers in 2020 and later on I added subscribers from 2019 either.

Email Warmup result

Any content that has open rate < 15% after the first day will be immediately removed from my content rotation. (Day 15 and Day 23)

Day 27 on Fri, June 12: Sent a success content to an old audience (mostly subscribers in 2018) that got a low open rate < 10%. I didn't take this seriously because I knew my sent audience was a little old (2018) and halted the process to let it cool a few days before returning sending.

Monday, I ran some tests with Automated Journey that included automated emails. The test size is only 4 subscribers but all emails were gone into Spam box instead of Inbox as regular. I immediately paused all of my campaigns on that day for further investigation.

Next step, I tried to send a test campaign to me and some colleagues to check again, and again Spam, even though my personal email has also included in the warmup process and receives emails in Inbox every day since day 1.

I started to look into my numbers to see the problem:

  • Average open rate: 21%
  • Average click rate: 1.94%
  • Bounce rate (hard+soft): 0.34%
  • Unsubscribe rate: 0.02%

I don't think this is a problem there, because only 2-3 low open rate campaigns could not immediately put my emails into Spam.

I also ran a Spam Complaint Over Time report for the time of the warm-up process. Only 3 complaints for Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail.

Spam Complaint report

Please help me indicate which part has gone wrong and the solution to fix this. I doubt that there was some incident that happens on Saturday and Sunday that led all my emails to end up in the Spam box. This is likely to be a technical issue in the server than a warm-up process issue.

FYI: our email domain doesn't have a homepage, we haven't set up a website on our domain. Also, we are deploying SSL on this domain and waiting for some information/key from our SSL provider to complete the setup.

Do we actually need to deploy a website on this domain? Because initially, it's considered to be the domain for sending emails only.

Furthermore, I used SenderScore to check the IP domain warming up progress and our domain rep ranking. Doubtedly, it shows score 0/100 and the Volume Class Sender still appears Insufficient even though I have sent nearly 230.000 emails last month with a very well result in open rates.

enter image description here

Any advice for this dire situation and what's the next step? Thank you guys in advance.


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