I have a time-based workflow rule with 1 email alert and 3 field updates. Field updates are happening successfully but I am not receiving the email. I am using a VF email template. Email deliverability is also set to 'All email'.

I created a clone of the rule as an immediate rule and it works fine.

I also created a text based email template and replaced the VF template with this one in the time-based workflow rule and i received the email.

Below is the workflow rule.

Workflow rule

Time-based actions

Email alert:

Email alert

Time based workflow queue:

Time based workflow queue

  • @goodForce I see that you had posted the same question (salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/34846/…) a few years ago. By any chance, do you remember the solution Salesforce might have provided? I could not ask you on your question as I don't have enough reputation points to be able to comment. Jun 17 '20 at 22:49
  • I have raised a Salesforce case and they are looking into it. In the meanwhile, since I am reaching my deadline, I am converting VF template to HTML. Jun 19 '20 at 19:27

So the issue was in the template.

I had included slds css in the template.


For some reason it was causing issues in time-based workflows but works fine in immediate ones. After removing it, I received the email.

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