I need to show custom error message when user imports data. If criteria is true then I would like to see error message in user interface and get file with errors. Is it possible?

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Currently, there is no possibility to display the failure message on UI of data import wizard. The Import Wizard only provides statistics after finishing import.

As mentioned in the post you should check your email to see those results/errors. It will contain a link to the result file. Additionally, you can access this file from navigating to Setup --> Bulk Data Load Jobs to view and download the results which will consist of success/errors

Related article: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000323629&language=en_US&type=1&mode=1

In regards to showing a custom error message, you can set up validation rules and the error results would show in the email received as attachment.See below image

enter image description here


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