I have a lightning data table and have added an action to "clone" the selected record. I'm unsure of how to go about copying fields from the selected record and creating a new record.

I was using a lightning-record-edit-form without the id. I'm just unsure of how I go about this. I tried this in the action but it does not set the group number field.

 // From Row Action Dropdown - Edit record
  cloneCurrentRecord(currentRow) {
    // open modal box
    this.bShowModal = true;
    this.isEditForm = false;
    this.isReadForm = false;
    this.isCloneForm = true;

    // assign record id to the record edit form
    this.currentRecordId = currentRow.Id;
    this.Group_Number__c = currentRow.Group_Number__c;

Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


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I figured it out as soon as I posted this. I need to create a variable to hold each field value in the method. For example, mygroupnumber. In the field under the form, I set the value... value={mygroupnumber}

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