I am working on an integration with a trading and rebalancing platform for a provider who also uses Salesforce Sales & Service cloud to manage their internal operations. This provider has added knowledge licenses to their Salesforce subscription. Additionally, we have already connected their back-end (hosted on azure) to their SF org to bring in all of their client data (tenants, users, last login, last import, last export, etc...).

For this integration, which is an API first PaaS model, I was thinking that I could leverage their own authentication protocols to authenticate users access to a lightning out app hosted on Salesforce Sites pushed out from their own org for the purposes of providing embedded support and knowledge. This community would draw its content from their Salesforce org using it as basically their CMS for knowledge and ticketing.

To deploy this I would create a connected app in the provider's org for the site. In the managed package, I would store the keys, secrets, etc... for the integration user's creds to their own org in a protected metadata component (application level authentication).

In the managed package, I would have a login process to authenticate user's access to their platform, and then use it to provide links to knowledge and ticketing in the inline help text areas for certain aspects of the integration. In the providers org, I would have some code to handle how people land on these help page to ensure that they have been authenticated through the PaaS endpoint and that a matching record exists in their internal replication of their azure environment.

I've done some research on this but have not found any specific articles talking about using Lightning Out and Salesforce-to-Salesforce connections with managed packages.

I know this is really abstract, and apologies for it, but it is a thought I had and I'm hoping someone here can share their own experiences with this type of deployment, or share whether or not this would be an acceptable model to pass the security review.

Thanks in advance for your time and your thoughts :)

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