Can the Marketing Cloud send PGP encrypted e-mails?

This is a fairly short question but I couldn't find anything precise on the topic, either in documentation or via Google. The documentation only mentions "... digitally sign messages ..." on the Key Management page.

Thanks for your support!

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After consultation with a very senior Solution Engineer I found my answer, which I will provide with two parts to the answer for better understanding and documentation for future searches around this:

  1. No, PGP encryption of e-mails doesn't work (or likely any other means). It's kind of plausible because this would have a massive impact on the sending infrastructure. It's likely to rare a use case to bother with development at this sort of scale. Totally understandable to be honest ...
  2. "Digitally Sign Messages" in the documentation refers to S/MIME, which allows to sign messages with a digital certificate that ensures the sender is correct and the message is not tampered with. From what I understand this is basically another layer on top of DMARC for increased trust.

I was warned though, that the S/MIME feature is a very old one and there is no guaranteee that it still has full support on all the various send methods now available.

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