I recently took a folder on my desktop and made it the child of another folder, and now get the following error message when running commands in the CLI:

(node:13468) Error Plugin: sfdx-cli: could not find package.json with { type: 'link',
  root: 'C:\\Users\\myusername\\Desktop\\originalFolderThatsNowAChild\\myproject',
  name: 'myproject',
  tag: undefined }
module: @oclif/config@1.15.1
task: loadPlugins
plugin: sfdx-cli
root: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\sfdx\client\7.62.1-309fe6da17
See more details with DEBUG=*

The original folder's new filepath is something like : C:\Users\myusername\Desktop\newParentFolder\originalFolderThatsNowAChild\myproject

I tried looking through different JSON files on my system in %localappdata%, but from what I see, it looks like a plugin link is failing because of the changed path.

Can someone point out what is required here? Do I just need to move that folder back to the old path, unlink whatever plugins, then move back to where I want to keep it?

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