What is the impact of activating the critical update 'Enable Improved Caching of Org Schema' in a Salesforce instance? Do we have a list of things that we need to verify to activate this critical update?

Understand the critical update from What does "Enable Improved Caching of Org Schema" actually do? question. But it would be great if we have a list of items that we need to test before activating this critical update.

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    Does this answer your question? What does "Enable Improved Caching of Org Schema" actually do? – kurunve Jun 15 '20 at 9:41
  • General UAT testing of your org should be mostly sufficient. If you are looking for a specific area to test - Please test all apex code that uses sobject describe and all its flavors (GlobalDescribe, SObjectType, SObjectField) in all the different API versions of code you have. – Anand13 S Jun 19 '20 at 7:36

As per the release notes,you do not need to test anything before activating this critical update since it will just fix the known bugs and behavior of your org’s schema remains unchanged.

Thank you!

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