I need to get the journey ID from SMS send so I created a code that should get the SendJobId

set @jobid = AttributeValue('SendJobID')

However I cannot retrieve any values. I was hoping to get the SendJobID to use it to get the journeyID using the code below:

IF NOT (empty(@jobid)) THEN
set @tsdid = Lookup("_Job", "TriggererSendDefinitionObjectID", "JobID", @jobid)
set @version_id = Lookup("_JourneyActivity", "VersionID", "JourneyActivityObjectID", @tsdid)
set @journey_id = Lookup("_Journey", "JourneyID", "VersionID", @version_id)
set @journeyName = Lookup("_Journey", "JourneyName", "VersionID", @version_id)
set @campaignID = @journey_id

My question is can I get the SendJobId using AttributeValue syntax? If yes, what might be the cause that I only get a null value.

  • _job data view is for email and not sms – EazyE Jun 15 at 16:30
  • @EazyE thanks for pointing that out, would you know what approach can I use to get the journey Id from journey SMS send? – MC Learner Jun 17 at 0:55

Try to query _smsmessagetracking data view, some of the available fields are: CampaignID, ConversationID, CodeID.

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