I am looking for an elegant and unhacky way to handle deserialization of a JSON into an Apex type where some of the properties are known and some are not.

Assumption: At least for now the unknown properties are flat primitives. So no Maps or List or nested structures.

So this JSON

    age: 34,
    name: 'James',

    xyz: 2323,
    abc: '2131'

should be parsed by calling

Person p = JSON.deserialize(json, Person.class);

where Person.cls looks like this:

public class Person {
    public Integer age;
    public String name;

    public Map<String, Object> properties;


I know that this can be done in other languages, but I (until today) heard of no working solution in Apex.


I was toying around with some ideas for this and ended up documenting my work in this repo.

tl;dr: Here's the relevant Apex file and some usage examples.


This was the closest solution I could come up with and its good enough:

public class Person {

    public final String knownProperty;

    private Map<String, Object> unknownProperties = new Map<String, Object>();

    public Object get(String propertyName) {
        return unknownProperties.get(propertyName);

    public static Person newInstance(String jsonString) {
        Person result = (Person) JSON.deserialize(jsonString, Person.class);
        result.unknownProperties = (Map<String, Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(jsonString);
        return result;

    public static List<Person> newInstances(String jsonString) {
        List<Person> result = (List<Person>) JSON.deserialize(jsonString, List<Person>.class);

        Integer i = 0;

        for(Object properties : (List<Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(jsonString)) {
            Person person = result.get(i);
            person.properties = (Map<String, Object>) properties;

        return result;
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    Nifty! Can't think of another solution off hand – Brian Miller Jun 11 '20 at 14:58

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