I have added tracking code as below:

_etmc.push(["setUserInfo", {"email": usr_Email}]);

Whenever the web form is submitted, I am capturing the email and passing it to tracking code. This works well and I do see identified visitors in IGO_PROFILES DE. I have also added only page view tracking as well on other pages so that I can capture their subsequent visits.

  1. I am able to view the count of Identified and Unidentified visitors by web pages in Web & Mobile Analytics Dashboard
  2. I can drill down to Country level to see all identified visitor from the dashboard
  3. I can see all identified visitors in IGO_PROFILES DE

Questions: 1. While IGO_PROFILES DE only shows visitor information, where do I see which all page were visited by the identified users? (Not in the analytics dashboard but in some DE) 2. IGO_PROFILES DE captures User Id, how to link them to the Subscriber ID?

We are not an ecommerce company neither we have web content. I have thoght of adding Form name as an item in the _etmc.push(["trackPageView") line as _etmc.push(["trackPageView", { "item" : "MyWebForm"}]); so that it caputres the detials in IGO_VIEWS DE but that is usually used for products and catalogs so not very much sure if this should be the approach.

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There is no way to populate details about the pages visited, without having a catalogue in place. In your case, since it is not an e-commerce scenario, I would simply create a "mock" content catalogue, and use streaming updates from JS to keep it updated. The Item ID passed in trackPageView call should correspond to the ID in your catalogue. Hence it is important to execute the updateItem call before pushing the trackPageView.

Once you have your catalogue in place, you should be seeing the PI_CONTENTVIEWS and PI_CONTENTATTRIBS data extensions becoming populated.

I will advise you to familiarise yourself with other Q/As on this topic, which might be useful for better understanding of the Web & Mobile Analytics data capture:

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