Hi i am trying to modify the particular component in the child array but getting the particular error

try is the incoming array from parent.

1 @track sethg;
2 this.sethg = this.try.findIndex(item => item.ter === event.detail.ter);

3 this.try[this.sethg].booleanvariable = false;

on line 3 i am trying to make the incoming value as false , getting below error can anyone find out the possible way to set the value.

['set' on proxy: trap returned falsish for property 'booleanvariable ']

Data passed from parent component is immutable, i.e. you can not change its value. However, you can deep clone it and make it mutable before changing the value.

this.try = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(this.try));

Since, the data passed from parent component is immutable. I would suggest you not to change the value of it rather create a new variable called tryPrivate and do the following

get try(){
return _try

set try(value){
this.tryPrivate = {..value} (if object) or [...value] (if array)

Now, you are free to use the variable tryPrivate in child component and can edit it anytime in js.


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