Is there a helper utility for Lightning components to convert values from Datetime objects into a deserialized value? I have two Datetime values in Custom Settings...


...and my Lightning component is getting back serialized values:

My_Start_Date__c: "2020-06-01T19:17:00.000Z"
My_End_Date__c: "2020-07-01T04:30:00.000Z"

Are they any Lightning features that will deserialize this, or is that something that I will need to convert to on my own in order to be able to effectively read the timestamp?


You can use the Date constructor:

let startDate = new Date(record.My_Start_Date__c);

From there, you can use other Date methods for formatting, adjusting, etc.

Note that this is a standard JavaScript feature, which is why there's no need for a "LWC-only" add-on utility.

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