I have a bunch of apex classes that start with a prefix such as:

  • et4ae5__HelpLinks.cls
  • et4ae5__Manual.cls
  • cwbtool__CodeComparator.cls
  • cwbtool__ConnectionCtrl.cls

How can I ignore anything that starts with et4ae5 and cwbtool? I tried doing et4ae5__* , cwbtool__* and it did not remove them from the comparison list.

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    We might need more info. I found this and it says it works the way you wrote it. Can you provide more information? – sfdcfox Jun 5 at 21:39

They will be in deeper folders, so you need to specify correct path either fully or with wild cards:

  1. force-app/main/default/classes/et4ae5__*
  2. **/et4ae5__*

Both of them should work

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  • thanks @salesforce-sas. Do you happen to know the syntax for if the files exist on the org and not on the repo? would et4ae5__*.ApexClass work? – Nino Y Jun 8 at 15:44
  • what do you mean by org? – salesforce-sas Jun 8 at 19:38
  • the production org – Nino Y Jun 8 at 22:58

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