End user has stringent policies on data classification and controls. Need to have policies and procedures in place to ensure all fields are reviewed, classified and if highly sensitive, encrypted.

Is there a way to force Admins to be required to select one of the available data classifications before creating a new custom field?

Right now the new custom field creation flow does not even present the Data Classification Metadata field at time of creation, need to edit the field after creation. Would like to surface these attributes at time of creation and make them required. Ideally, also would like to have some controls that ensure that fields are encrypted if required (using Platform Shield).

Nice to have this control in the front-end, but perhaps could be accomplished after the fact as an audit using Apex with the MetaData API that alerts a super Admin if a field is created or updated without data classification fields populated? Could go one step further and apply defaults in an async process.

Otherwise, must enforce a relatively weak 'admin policy' and some form of manual auditing process.

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