As the title says, what is the API name for Manage Public Lightning Email Templates?

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Although I enabled/disabled it and fetched profile, I do not find any Metadata API name matching this userPermissions. Is the Name completely different from label? Unfortunately I am not finding any online reference also


Metadata API name 'CreateLtngTempInPub' for Manage Public Lightning Email Templates.

Below is 'userPermissions' for same


Set value of 'Manage Public Lightning Email Templates' to true on the Profile level and retrieve you can check above name in userPermissions.

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  • awesome! how did you find it? – salesforce-sas Jun 8 at 19:58
  • Retrieved metadata of profile with the two scenarios (checkbox checked/unchecked) and was able to narrow down and find an API name. Thanks. – Vinay Jun 8 at 20:34
  • Strange, I did same thing but it did not get this metadata when true/false – salesforce-sas Jun 8 at 21:03

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