I am using a lightning-record-form to enable view and and edit. I have specified a custom list of fields displayed in two columns. The fields populate in the columns left to right and then top to bottom. I need to specify some blank spaces in the layout, however, there does not seem to be a way to do this. If I specify null or '' in the list of fields, it does not create a blank space or just totally breaks. Any way to specify a blank space in the lightning-record-form layout without building up the page from scratch?




   @track soldToFields2Cols = [

I've tried using '', null, and 'emptySpace' as entries in the soldToFields2Cols array, but none of those work.

  • Can you add here the code you have tried so far? Jun 5, 2020 at 16:21
  • @rahulgawale. Code has been added. Thanks for looking. Jun 5, 2020 at 16:52

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No. You do not have any control over how record-form renders.

lightning-record-form is less customizable. To customize the form layout or provide custom rendering of record data, use lightning-record-edit-form (add or update a record) and lightning-record-view-form (view a record).

Other points to note from doc:

  1. To specify the field order, use fields without the layout-type attribute. We don't recommend using the fields attribute with the layout-type attribute as the display order of the fields can vary. Alternatively, use the lightning-record-edit-form or lightning-record-view-form component to display a custom layout.
  2. lightning-record-form does not support prepopulating of field values when the form loads. To create a form that displays custom field values, use the lightning-record-edit-form component. (implementing lightning:pageReferenceUtils and creating the object using lightning:navigation with the standard__object page type will open standard new record page with prepopulated values)
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    Well, that's disappointing. So much more work just to add some blanks spaces in the layout. Jun 5, 2020 at 17:50

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