I am currently deploying my Salesforce code to a qa sandbox environment with the mdapi (sfdx force:source:convert -> sfdx force:mdapi:deploy). However, we need the object and pages and etc when deployed to have a certain namespace. Is this possible?


Metadata will have a namespace in a small number of circumstances.

  1. It is installed as part of a managed package.
  2. It is present in a namespaced scratch org, and hence has the namespace of that org.
  3. (Slightly different) It is present in a packaging org and will have the namespace applied when uploaded, but doesn't present in the org with a namespace.

Metadata in a QA sandbox can have a namespace only if it is installed as part of the managed package that owns that namespace.

Under no circumstances can you create metadata in a namespace you do not control, i.e., own the corresponding packaging org.

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  • Thanks for the response-- is it possible to install metadata into my sandbox as part of a managed package? hopefully solely through command line commands. – Adam Jun 4 at 1:46
  • Sure. sfdx force:package:install. Of course, you have to do the managed package release first, and you generally won't want to install a beta managed package because betas cannot be upgraded. – David Reed Jun 4 at 2:09

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