I'm trying to add the social login feature to the community that are I'm using on a mobile app. I have configured the oauth for the socials (google, facebook, apple - that is not working, but this is an other case) and on a standard login page it is fully working.

We have a big issue for a community, used with a custom mobile app, where we have a custom login page. We decided to use an aura component for the login page: the component is added to an experience builder page. This component is only in charge of the login with username and password: it is perfectly working. For the social login, since we have an experience builder page, we had to add an other component. We have seen that salesforce provides an "out of the box" component, that is working perfectly on browser: I'm able to login and I am redirected to the community home page. The problem is that on mobile app it works as on a browser: at the end of the login (social provider) I am redirected on the community home page, instead of on the app.

I've seen that if we use a standard login page, it is fully working: I'm able to login with the social and I am redirected to the app. Only with the social login component I'm not able to do this.

I've tried to add an other custom component, LWC, that has a button to redirect to the social login. The behaviour is the same.

My question is: is it possible to apply the social login on communities with custom login pages, and use in on a mobile app?

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