I'm trying to resubscribe an opted-out contact.

This is the API code I'm executing through PostMan and the response is result:OK

       "mobilenumber": "XXXXXXXXX888",    
       "subscriberkey": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAAY"   
   "shortCode" : "XXXXXXXXX403",    
   "messageText" : "GB_REORDERSUB"    

However the status of the contacts keyword subscription is still "Not Opted In" enter image description here

Does someone know why does this behave this way?

  • IS the keyword gb_reordersub have an optin messages associated to it?
    – EazyE
    Jun 3, 2020 at 16:10

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Option #1-

Create a opt-in keyword and ask your subscribers to opt-in using that keyword.

Option #2-

For the MobileConnect contacts, there are 2 parts to it - MobileConnect Demographics(under attributes tab) and Mobile Subscription(under the membership tab)

Changing the status from opt-in to opt-out can be done using Import file/API/Import mobile contacts activity. But when you try to re-subscribe using any of the three methods, although you will receive a success message but the status will change to 'Active' only for MobileConnect Demographics and for subscription it will still be 'Not opted in'.

The only way i could update this is by using the SSJS. Since you already have an installed package, replace the values with yours in the code mentioned in the below article -


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