I am using journey builder object activity to update date and then I need to send the updated date in email. But even after waiting for 20 mins my email is not getting updated data.

Example, when event is fired journey gets started - wait for 1 day - update date to today + 10 - wait for 25 mins - send the updated date email template

But I am not getting updated date in email template even though it is updated correctly in salesforce

  • Hi @Neha , if the data is getting updated correctly in Salesforce. Then there will be a problem in your ampscript only. Can you please share the ampscript used in email template as well so that it will be easy to troubleshoot.
    – Naveen VM
    Jun 3, 2020 at 6:07
  • Hi Naveen, sorry I am new to marketing cloud and I dont know how to use amscript to bring data. I was doing some research on the same and I think I have to use lookup function but I am not aware of how to write ampscript in my email
    – Neha
    Jun 3, 2020 at 6:54
  • No Problem, try to drill down on RetrieveSalesforceObjects Ampscript function. You can get the subscriber key by _subscriberkey attribute and use the above function to look for the date attribute from your object and pull it in email template.
    – Naveen VM
    Jun 3, 2020 at 8:08

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I have used following and it worked

%%[ SET @policyID = AttributeValue("Policy__c:Id") SET @policyDate = lookup("Policy__c_Salesforce", "Pending_Cancellation_Date__c", "Id", @policyID) ]%% %%=v(@policyDate)=%%

where, "Policy__c_Salesforce" // Synchronized data extension @policyID // object ID from journey data "Pending_Cancellation_Date__c" // The date I need in email template "Id" // object ID from Synchronized data extension

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