I'm using a lightning record form to create a new cord in a Customer Community. Just wondering is there any way to override the standard 'Cancel' button behaviour?

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Short answer is No.

From the documentation, This event has no default behavior that can be canceled. You can't call preventDefault() on this event.

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You can customise only onload and onsubmit events. If you need more customized usage, you need to implement lightning-edit-form


I have used like as steated below and it is worked for me

 <lightning-record-form  object-api-name='Contact' fields={layoutfields}
                    columns="2" mode="edit" onsubmit={handleSubmit} oncancel={closeModal}  onsuccess={handleSuccess} class="full forcePageBlock forceRecordLayout">

Lightning:recordForm cancel button unresponsive


As stated in documentation, use the oncancel attribute to do anything we want in the js file.

In my case, I used the function which closes the modal pop up window.

.HTML file

<div class="slds-p-around_medium">
    <lightning-record-form object-api-name="Tissue_Log__c" record-id={recordId} columns="2" mode="edit"
        layout-type="Full" onsuccess={handleSuccess} oncancel={customHideModalPopup}>

.js file

    @track customFormModal = false; 
    customShowModalPopup() {        
        this.customFormModal = true;
    customHideModalPopup() {    
        this.customFormModal = false;

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