When i invoke a flow through Debug Mode, the Input variables screen is showing up. Also when i embed the flow in Right Header Page, the Opportunity Value is displayed as default value.

But when i invoke the same flow by clicking a button, the Opportunity value is not defaulted.

I have attached the Screen shots below:

<apex:page >
<flow:interview name="Custom_PlanV15"/>
    init : function (component) {
        var flow = component.find("Custom_PlanV15");        
        var inputVariables = [
         {name : "Var_Opportunity", type : "Text", value: component.get('v.recordId')}, 
        // In that component, start your flow. Reference the flow's API Name.

Opportunity is defaulted here I am passing opportunity id to this flow and inspite of that Opportunity value is Blank Flow settings for lookup

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I found the idea for default values in the link: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaview?id=087300000007PidAAE I think this is an idea for now.

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