I'm new with AMPscript. I'm trying to make my AMPscript look better
Original script:

var @pointsBalance, @memberLevel
set @pointsBalance = AttributeValue("Total")
if @pointsBalance > 1000 then
    set @memberLevel = "VIP"
elseif  500< @pointsBalance and @pointsBalance <=1000 then
    set @memberLevel = "Gold"
    set @memberLevel = "Standard"

<p>You are a valued %%=v(@memberLevel)=%% member.<p>

I expected something like:


That means we just need to write the script in one line.

One more question. At first in the second condition I wrote

elseif  500< @pointsBalance <=1000 then

And it didn't work. Any suggestions to make the code better? Thank you in advance.

  • For your first question you've provided your expected output, but what are you getting instead? Is there an error? – nbrown Jun 2 '20 at 15:34

I dont know if this is any worth it... but if you really would like nested functions i would go like this:

IIf(@pointsbalance>=1000, "VIP", IIF(@pointsbalance>500,"Gold","Standard"))

Becoming this

<p>You are a valued %%=IIf(@pointsbalance>=1000, "VIP", IIF(@pointsbalance>500,"Gold","Standard"))=%% member.<p>


<p>You are a valued %%=v(IIf(@pointsbalance>=1000, "VIP", IIF(@pointsbalance>500,"Gold","Standard")))=%% member.<p>

but i believe the v() function can be left out.

  • Thanks Johan. I just realized that nested functions made the code hard to review. But it's really nice to know the way to do it :) – duyduc27 Jun 9 '20 at 1:56

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