I have around 20 roles in the same level, like this:

(not showing the parents of a and b)
   |        |   
   a        b       (level x)
   |        |   
------  ---------
|    |  |   |   |
a1, a2  b1, b2, b3  (level y)

where a1, a2, b1, b2, b3 are on the same level. Now I want to share records create by a role in level y with all other roles in the same level y but in read only mode.

What I did was:

  1. I created a public group and put all the roles in the level y in the group and named it level y group.
  2. I created a sharing rule for the lead object where I put: Owned by members of Group: level y group and Share with Group: level y group.

My question is will this work? For example if a user associated with role a1 created a lead and using the sharing rule I am sharing with all the members of level y which also includes myself in read only mode. The owner a1 will also be in read only mode or can a1 still edit while others can only read.

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Sharing is always cumulative, so you cannot reduce access to a record via a sharing rule. The owner of the record will still have Ownership permission (Full Access).


If someone of role a1 creates a lead then he/she can still edit the record of that lead.

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