"https://sforgcompare.herokuapp.com/" is this trusted tool, any other tools for org comparing in Salesforce. Your comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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    There is a link to source code. If you want to be absolutely sure -- you can do an audit of that, and run your own instance to be 100% sure that it does only what is supposed to do – kurunve May 28 at 8:05

Purna: There are a few products that can help you with Org comparison. For example, if you use Workbench or ANT (Metadata Deployment tool), you can retrieve the Org metadata as XML and use a file compare tool like BeyondCompare to figure out the differences. It is free/ cheap and it will work.

If you need a dead simple tool, please check out Snapshot. Disclaimer: I work for Metazoa, the maker of Snapshot. This can take a full Org metadata backup and help you with your Org comparison use case and many more.

Good luck with your search.


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  • Hey..Thanks @Sridhar this is very helpful – purna May 29 at 4:30

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