I am currently trying to access articles when inputting the article title into the default search icon on the standard Knowledge UI for the Embedded Services SDK for Android.

The UI is initialised when the bottom navigation button is selected. Upon initialisation, all of the categories present in the community are displayed. When expanding any of the categories, all of the allocated article titles are present, including the article content. Searching for any of the present article titles however shows no results when running the app on Android 10.

The search feature worked previously when running the app on Android 9. There has been no change in the core source code between the search working on Android 9 and the release of Android 10. The source code is written in Java.

The dependencies have been updated to the latest version 224.0.0 when running the app in Android 10. This has had no effect and the search does not work still.

minSdkVersion 26 targetSdkVersion 29

All requirements as per the Embedded Service SDK for Android Developer Guide.

Is there a bug in the 224.0.0 version?

  • Have the same problem on Android 10, but it works well on Android 9! – Stepan Oct 14 '20 at 11:20

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