I've the following working REGEX code set as validation rule when we create an account. I've create a Flow and set this REGEX as pattern into a phone number field in Flow screen input validation and it doesn't return any error:

NOT(REGEX({!ProfessionalPhone}, "\\+[0-9 ]+((x|([Ee]xt[\\.:]?\\s?))\\d+)?$"))

Flow input screen

The result should be that it allows only phone numbers starting with + for intl code, digits, and eventually, ext.123 if any. sample: +1 888 452 1231 ext1234 No dashes are allowed neither dots.

I can type anything, no error is reported...

However, if I set the field as {!ProfessionalPhone.value}, whatever I set, it returns an error.

Any clue what I've missed here? Dave

  • Are you sure that regex works? I tested it out here, with your example number, and it does not match. regexr.com There are a few examples of international phone regexes on this StackOverflow post, but it's definitely a complicated pattern to match. – nbrown May 26 at 19:46

Could it be that you are missing the "beginning" of the string match? (^)

"^\\+[0-9 ]+((x|([Ee]xt[\\.:]?\\s?))\\d+)?$"
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