I am wondering how close Salesforce1 is to being available in an off-line mode. For example, if I am a travelling sales rep and my customer is in an area out of coverage for one reason or another, e.g., remote location or cell is down, I wan to be able to still use salesforce to update information such as editing an opportunity or updating a case. This feature (offline edit) is currently not available, instead I have to be connected to the internet. Is this a feature that will be made available and if so when?

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Offline will be available in Summer'14 in read-only mode. Offline for update is on the roadmap for a future release. This applies to recently viewed records only. There is no sign of an "offline briefcase"-type feature to define what records you want to take offline.

edit october 2014 : there was no announcement or any sign of new offline capabilities for Salesforce1 at Dreamforce #DF14


Salesforce1 requirements state:

A Wi-Fi or cellular network connection is required to communicate with Salesforce. For the best performance, we recommend using Wi-Fi.

Although you can vote on Salesforce's IdeaExchange for "Salesforce1 to have the same off line capability as Classic" - I have found no public statements via Salesforce, or Salesforce reps, saying there is a timeline for adding this feature.

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