Is it possible to change the label of a field (in my case I'd like to change the label of the UnitPrice field) of the PriceBookEntry standard object ?

In the setup -> tabs and labels, I don't see the PricebookEntry object (but I can see the PriceBook object...) Do you know if it's possible for this object ?

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You can relabel / rename the Pricebook Entry field, List Price!

Setup > Rename Tabs & Labels > Opportunity Products > Edit > Next > Standard Field Labels > List Price

It turns out, when you rename the field in the Opp Product, it also renames it in the Pricebook Entry object.


You cannot change the label of a standard field on PriceBookEntry object on the UI or using Metadata API. When you make an attempt through the Metadata API, you will receive the following error

Error: Could not resolve standard field's name


enter image description here

Note: The label for Custom field can be changed on PriceBookEntry object

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    Ok so the answer is no we can't change it... I hoped that we could do so since it's possible for other standard objects, but I will have to keep it like that. Thanks.
    – dou
    Commented May 26, 2020 at 7:53

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