If I want to use Salesforce's REST API to return campaigns who have recently had members added to them, what is the easiest way to do so? I am trying to do this externally, using authentication information to pull data from Salesforce in a different application. Is using Campaign.SystemModstamp the best way to achieve this?


Not necessarily. This flag can be updated for any of a number of reasons (e.g. a user edited a field). Instead, a query might help:

  (SELECT CampaignId FROM CampaignMember WHERE CreatedDate = TODAY)

(Replace TODAY with any other date literal or a specific date range).

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  • This accomplishes what I'm looking for with a well-designed query. It wasn't immediately obvious to me how to access this data using the correct filter. Many thanks! – questionable_code May 23 at 2:38

No code needed for this. Go to Workflow Rules -> add a new Worklflow rule when a member is added to a campaign. In the rule criteria put NOT(ISBLANK( ContactId ))​ Send email Alert that includes the member name see screen snap enter image description here

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