I've created a cloud page, and added a smart capture form.

I want to change the size of the fields - the look of it. I want to increase the size of only one field while keeping others the same.

Any code/solution for this?


You can make use of textarea propert in HTML to specify your field length

Click on the "specific interest field" in the canvas > Go to HTML editor tab > Change the input type from Text to TextAread

Below is an example for one field called 'CustomerID' where you can have a bigger area to enter text.

<div class="smartcapture-controls"><div class="sc-formfield-label"><label for="CustomerID">CustomerID</label></div>
<div class=""><textarea rows="4" cols="50" name="CustomerID"></textarea></div>

Let me know if this helps.

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  • HI Naveen Thank you for this.. I put the code in a couple of places within the code but it didn't work [refer new screenshot in my question] – Preksha Rathore May 22 at 6:08
  • Hi @PrekshaRathore don't put in <Div>, use it in <input> tag. – Naveen VM May 22 at 6:11
  • I did, and it didn't change there too.. – Preksha Rathore May 22 at 6:12
  • I have tested in my instance it worked fine. It could be due to cache issue. Try to clear up your cache and try the same in Firefox browser. Just to confirm, you are expecting the field not to occupy more than 100 characters right? – Naveen VM May 22 at 6:36
  • Hi Naveen I'm trying to increase box size for one field, and keep all the others the same. Some fields will have a small box and others will have a large box. I don't know how to increase that field box size, while keep the others small/same. – Preksha Rathore May 22 at 7:24

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