I am attempting to embed this script inside email body but getting an error when looking for empty tax data. I am interested to populate the word "FREE" from @EstimatedFreightAmount if no data exists in the XML.

On top of email:

SET @EstimatedFreightAmount = Field(Row(BuildRowsetFromXml(@xmldata, "//Order", 1), 1), 'EstimatedFreightAmount_att')

inside email body:

%%=Format(Field(Row(BuildRowsetFromXml(@xmldata,"//Order", 1), 1),'EstimatedFreightAmount_att'),"$#,#.00;-$#,#.00")=%%

 %%[if @EstimatedFreightAmount == "" then]%%
   @EstimatedFreightAmount = "FREE"


There is an error in your email. Please contact your customer service representative. Error 1: Script IF Statement Invalid
The script condition contains an invalid comparison operator. Condition: @EstimatedFreightAmount =""
Invalid Content:
if @EstimatedFreightAmount ="" then]%%--> @EstimatedFreightAmount = "FREE"


First I would wrap your XML part inside of a indexof conditional to ensure that the appropriate node exists before running the BuildRowsetFromXML:

%%[ IF IndexOf(@xmldata,'<Order') > 0 AND Indexof(@xmldata,'</Order>') > 0 THEN
      SET @EstimatedFreightAmount = Field(Row(BuildRowsetFromXml(@xmldata, "//Order", 1), 1), 'EstimatedFreightAmount_att')

   ENDIF ]%%

This will help remove the possibility of that node not existing and causing errors in your code.

Inside the body, I would adjust your code to:

if NOT EMPTY(@EstimatedFreightAmount) AND @EstimatedFreightAmount != "FREE" then]%%


%%[ else
    SET @EstimatedFreightAmount = "FREE"



This will then output 'FREE' if empty or @EstimatedFreightAmount is already set to Free. And if not, then it will display the formatted amount.

  • Thanks Gortonington - I was able to inject your body code below and it pulled well. I had the indexof already inserted inside the products ordered. Much appreciated! – Nomader May 21 '20 at 21:06

Here's another working solution.


SET @EstimatedFreightAmount = Replace(Trim(Field(Row(BuildRowsetFromXml(@xmldata, "//Order", 1), 1), 'EstimatedFreightAmount_att')),"-","") 

If Empty(@EstimatedFreightAmount) Then 
  SET @EstimatedFreightAmount = "FREE" 


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