I am trying to create share records for workorder when workorder record gets created by community user (profile:Customer Community User(custom) and user license:Customer Community Login).

Below code that gets executed when record is created. Owner of the record is the logged in community user. recId will the record id and territoryId will be the territory Id that it should be shared to. These values are getting populated correctly. Also, the class is defined as global without sharing class, so it should be running in system context.

workordershare newShareRecord = new workordershare();
newShareRecord .put('AccessLevel','Edit');
newShareRecord .put('ParentId',recId);
newShareRecord .put('RowCause','Manual');
newShareRecord .put('UserOrGroupId',territoryId);
insert newShareRecord ;

This throws out error:

System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0;
first error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY, insufficient access rights on cross- 
reference id: []

I tried to run the same code with developer console and it still gave me the same error.I did replace recId with workorder record Id and territoryId with actual territory id.

However, when I manually updated the owner of that workorder record to internal user and then ran the same share record code with dev console, it worked and created share records.

So, now in the apex class, I wrote a code to update workorder ownerId to an internal user before it executes share record code.But it continues to give the same error. I can see that workorder ownerId has been updated to internal user.

I am not able to understand why it is giving error with apex class but not with dev console since both are running in system context.

Also, when I run the code in dev console, why does it throw error when record owner is a portal user but not when record owner is an internal user.

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