I'm tasked with using customlabels to translate a portal, but i'm getting duplicates. So, is there a way to find a list of visualforce pages? Then maybe with pagereference, i can get to labels. Or the other way around, a list of labels, then find where they are used. The only workaround is copying all of them to excel, and find duplicates there. But i will still have to find the page where a label is used, with search in code, in the console. And its pain to update.

edit: so far, i can only find specific labels, like this https://blog.moothien.me/2017/02/retrieve-salesforce-label-dynamically.html



You can get list of Visualforce Pages by having query

   SELECT Id, Name FROM ApexPage

You can get list of labels by running Tooling Api query

   Select Id FROM ExternalString
  • sorry for the late response. Yes with apexpage i think i can find the labels: SELECT Id, Name, namespaceprefix, Masterlabel, Description, Markup FROM ApexPage Then maybe some regular expressions, i can map all the labels used. Will test when possible. Thanks Jun 16 '20 at 9:27

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