I'm tasked with using customlabels to translate a portal, but i'm getting duplicates. So, is there a way to find a list of visualforce pages? Then maybe with pagereference, i can get to labels. Or the other way around, a list of labels, then find where they are used. The only workaround is copying all of them to excel, and find duplicates there. But i will still have to find the page where a label is used, with search in code, in the console. And its pain to update.

edit: so far, i can only find specific labels, like this https://blog.moothien.me/2017/02/retrieve-salesforce-label-dynamically.html


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You can get list of Visualforce Pages by having query

   SELECT Id, Name FROM ApexPage

You can get list of labels by running Tooling Api query

   Select Id FROM ExternalString
  • sorry for the late response. Yes with apexpage i think i can find the labels: SELECT Id, Name, namespaceprefix, Masterlabel, Description, Markup FROM ApexPage Then maybe some regular expressions, i can map all the labels used. Will test when possible. Thanks Jun 16, 2020 at 9:27

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