I am using fflib mocks and at4dx

Trying to test a simple controller method which is calling a selector method.

Controller Method:

public with sharing class MyController {
   public static String getFieldsByFieldSetName() {
        return JSON.serialize(new MyObjectsSelector().getFieldSets());

Selector Class:

public with sharing class MyObjectsSelector extends ApplicationSObjectSelector implements IMyObjectsSelector, IApplicationSObjectSelector {
    public Schema.SObjectType getSObjectType() {
        return MyObject__c.sObjectType;

    public static MyObjectsSelector newInstance(){
        return (IMyObjectsSelector) Application.Selector.newInstance(MyObject__c.SObjectType);

    public override List<Schema.SObjectField> getSObjectFieldList() {
        List<Schema.SObjectField> defaultFields = new List<Schema.SObjectField> {

        return defaultFields;

    public override String getOrderBy() {
        return 'Name DESC';

    private List<Schema.SObjectField> getAdditionalSObjectFieldList() {
        return new List<Schema.SObjectField> {};

    public List<FieldSetWrapper> getFieldSets() {
        List<FieldSetWrapper> fieldSetsWrappers = new List<FieldSetWrapper>();
        Map<String, Schema.FieldSet> fieldSetByName = getSobjectType().getDescribe().fieldSets.getMap();

        for (String fieldSetName: fieldSetByName.keySet()) {
            Schema.FieldSet fieldSet = fieldSetByName.get(fieldSetName);
            fieldSetsWrappers.add(new FieldSetWrapper(fieldSet));

        return fieldSetsWrappers;

    public class FieldSetWrapper {
        public FieldSetWrapper(Schema.FieldSet fieldSet) {
            this.fieldSetLabel = fieldSet.getLabel();
            this.fieldSetName = fieldSet.getName();
            this.fields = fieldSet.getFields();

        public string fieldSetLabel;
        public String fieldSetName;
        List<Schema.FieldSetMember> fields;

Selector Interface

public interface IMyObjectsSelector extends fflib_ISObjectSelector {
    List<MyObjectsSelector.FieldSetWrapper> getFieldSets();

Unit Test Class

private class MyControllerClassTest {
    @isTest static void testGetFieldsByFieldSetName() {
        fflib_ApexMocks mocks = new fflib_ApexMocks();
        //configure mocks
        MyObjectsSelector mockSelector = (MyObjectsSelector) mocks.mock(MyObjectsSelector.class);
        MyObjectsSelector.FieldSetWrapper fieldSetWrapper = 
            new MyObjectsSelector.FieldSetWrapper(
        mocks.when(mockSelector.SObjectType()).thenReturn(MyObject__c.SObjectType); // REQUIRED
            new List<MyObjectsSelector.FieldSetWrapper>{fieldSetWrapper}

        // Given - Inject mocks

        // When
        String output = MyController.getFieldsByFieldSetName();

        ((MyObjectsSelector) mocks.verify(mockSelector, 1)).getFieldSets();

I am getting error as:

fflib_ApexMocks.ApexMocksException: Expected : 1, Actual: 0 -- Wanted but not invoked: MyObjectsSelector__sfdc_ApexStub.getFieldSets().

Can anyone please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here?

Thanks in Advance!

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