I tried to enable Einstein bot. So for that I did some R & D and by mistake I enabled something in my sand box. From this sand box only we will move Objects to other sand box through ANT script. Today when I tried to move the objects I got below error. I tried my best to disable the things what I did during R&D but not able to resolve below issue.

1.  profiles/Admin.profile -- Error: In field: layout - no Layout named LiveChatTranscriptActive-Chat Transcript %28In Progress%29 Layout found (line 2407, column 24)

PS: I am getting the error for all the profiles. Can you please guide me what setting I have to disable in my sand box?

  • I found out the issue. Its because of this permission set. But don't know how to delete below permission set AI Platform AI Platform Permission Set – SFDC-Beginner May 20 '20 at 16:42

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