Salesforce Newbie here. I need to get a particular contacts logged calls using the REST API. I realized that Calls are under in the Tasks Object with the Property TaskSubtype So when I hit https://yourInstance.salesforce.com//services/data/v36.0/sobjects/Contact/{ContactId}/Tasks I get a full list of that contacts Tasks. How do I filter to only get the LoggedCalls from the Tasks and not the other Tasks? Thanks for your help


Doesn't look like what you're asking to do is possible with the SObject rest resource.

Your options here are to perform the filtering on your side (i.e. use what you currently have to grab all the records, then iterate over the results and filter out the ones you don't want yourself), or to use the Query resource and supply an appropriate query.

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  • Thanks a lot man. I ended up using the Query resource. Had to write a query combining the contact and the Tasks. That ended up working. – Sumaer May 20 at 12:49
  • @Sumaer, if Derek F answered your question don't forget to accept his answer – nbrown May 20 at 13:40

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