I am trying to create a cloud page form with just one field (Email), I would like to add that email to Auto suppression list when I submit the cloud page form.

I created a cloud page with smart capture function which now adds the email into a data extension, can someone advise me on how I can get the form data into the Auto suppression list either by using the data extension or without the DE.

Since the cloud page already submits the data into a DE, I am now thinking if there's a way to use the automation studio to fetch the data from this DE and add to the Auto suppression list using a query.

What is the easiest way to achieve this? Any help here would be appreciated!

Thanks, Siva


You can achieve it in both the ways (directly into auto-suppression list or from data extension to auto suppression list)

Cloud Page > Auto suppression list:

You can use the below SSJS script to add it in the cloud page:

<script runat="server">
var insertRow = Platform.Function.InsertData('Auto-supression list name',['Email Address'],['sample@example.com']);

Cloud page > Data Extension > Auto suppression list:

You can create an automation with the below activities and schedule it:

  • Data extract activity - You can use the data extension extract to extract the data extension records
  • File Transfer activity - You can use this to move the file from safehouse to marketing cloud SFTP
  • Import activity - Use this activity to import the records into auto-suppression list

Let me know if this helps.

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