I have to create a sendable data extension, which joins three DE: - Contacts DE - Abandoned cart DE - Cart Items DE The three DE are linked in an attribute group. I have written the query selecting only the needed attributes from Contacts DE plus all the attributes from DE Abandoned Cart and DE Cart Items, which I need for the follow up email.

The query is as follow:

SELECT selection of attributes of Contact DE + all attributes of DE Abandoned Cart +all attributes of DE Cart Items
FROM [Contacts)
WHERE attribute PersonHasOptOut=0 (this attribute is stored in Contacts DE)
JOIN [Abandoned Cart]
ON ClientID in Contacts = ClientID in Abandoned cart

but I got an error message.

Furthermore, in order to optimize the query performance, as in the follow up email I will show only up to 4 of the items in the cart, I wonder if it is advisable to filter data at this stage and how I could do that.

Lastly, I wonder if there's any best practice on the data retention for this kind of data (they are data to be used for the sending of a reminder email).

Thanks so much for helping G.

  • One note is you are using a ) instead of a ] at the end of your FROM de. Second, the where needs to come after the join. Third I am assuming you are correctly aliasing and listing the right fields in the query and not what you have in there currently – Gortonington May 17 at 17:34

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