I am wondering whether we have an option/ functionality in Salesforce to store the details of the user who logs as a different user.

Use Case

I am a System Admin (User X) to a Salesforce instance where I can log in to the system as any of the existing Users if this option has enabled in the org. But if something happened in the org when the User X login as User Y, the changes are logged on behalf of User Y. How we can verify/ confirm that these changes happened because of the User X?

Is there any cross-reference between the current logged in user (User Y -> Logged in as User X) with the original user (User X)

Can we check this in the login history?

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The Setup Audit Trail will contain the information you're looking for and you're able to download the last 180 days of changes.

The history shows the 20 most recent setup changes made to your org. It lists the date of the change, who made it, and what the change was. If a delegate, like an admin or customer support representative, makes a setup change on behalf of an end user, the Delegate User column shows the delegate’s username. For example, if a user grants login access to an admin and the admin makes a setup change, the admin’s username is listed.

Setup --> View Setup Audit Trail --> Download setup audit trail for last six months (Excel .csv file)

It'll look like the below where "delegate user" refers to the admin/user logging in as someone else.

enter image description here

Also important to note that after 180 days, setup entity records are deleted.

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