I come from ASP.net background and I used to have a standardized folder structure such as this.

I just jumped on a huge project with a lot of custom code. I'm sick of having to scroll through thousands of files under the /classes folder to find what I'm looking for. I'm hoping someone can share a good folder structure to make life easier. Our project follows the "Apex Enterprise Patterns: Service, Domain, Selector", and of course, we also have controllers, APIs, and some other confusing files that I'm unsure about yet.

I understand that the application needs to be in force:source format to be able to create folder structures under the /main folder. Is there any standardized documentation on how this structure should be set up? Or has anyone come up with a nice design for this? I have already seen the SFDX-Falcon project and gained some info regarding Enterprise pattern structuring, but it doesn't cover controllers, test classes, APIs, and so on.

I'll like the structure to cover the following key elements.

  • Enterprise Pattern
  • Controllers
  • test classes
  • APIs
  • Outcalls

Thanks, Nino Y.


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