I am trying to count the number of weekdays (Monday - Friday) by taking the number of days since 01-07-1900 (7th January, 1900), for a given date, and checking the modulus by 7. For modulus values 0 - 5, it's working fine, but for value = 6 (for Saturday), it's not evaluating.

For the given code snippet, for the variable, dayValueInInteger - it evaluates correctly for 0 - 5 but when we compare the variable with value = 6, it is somehow not evaluating.

Please find code snippet and debug attachment.

Date tempDate;
if(monthVar == 1||monthVar == 2){
    tempDate = Date.newInstance(fyEnd.year(), monthVar, i);
    tempDate = Date.newInstance(fyStart.year(), monthVar, i);

// calculating difference here
Integer dayValueInInteger = Math.mod(tempDate.daysBetween(Date.newInstance(1900, 1, 7)), 7);

// checking whether the value is a weekday or not
if(dayValueInInteger != 0 && dayValueInInteger != 6){
    system.debug('---inside if--and value of dayValueInInteger---'+dayValueInInteger);

Debug log screenshot

Can someone please tell me why this is happening?


There is an issue in the code. To notice that, look at the debug which is printing 4 - characters even through you have 3 in your debug at dayValueInInteger*---*.

system.debug('---inside if--and value of dayValueInInteger---'+dayValueInInteger);

The daysBetween is subtracting your date from the past date and the result is negative. Since there is no negative for 0*, the code works.

When the value is 6 (actually it is -6) it enters the if as the condition is satisfied.

Datebetween: Returns the number of days between the Date that called the method and the specified date.

It should be

Date knownSunday = Date.newInstance(1900, 1, 7);
Integer dayValueInInteger = Math.mod(knownSunday.daysBetween(tempDate), 7);

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