With the help of responses to my previous posts I was finally successful in Upserting Contacts in Salesforce via Jitterbit using External Id. However two records failed. I am thinking these failed because there are two entries with same value in Ext_Contact_ID.

I have enabled Contact to Multiple Accounts.

The Upsert operation is on Contact. I tested with a small data set of 7 records.

enter image description here Output

5 successful records

2 failed records

enter image description here


  • Do I need a 2nd query on AccountContactRelationship object to be able to upsert Contact's that are associated to multiple Accounts? If so, how can i UPSERT into AccountCOntactRelationShip using an external Id?
    (Per SF Documentation for AccountContactRelationship we need AccountId, ContactId, RecordOwner. )
  • 1
    Is that real PII (personally identifiable information) in your screenshot?
    – David Reed
    May 8 '20 at 22:35
  • I've removed the two screenshots because they appeared to contain actual persons' information. If that's not the case, you're welcome to edit them back in, or show us examples with fake data.
    – David Reed
    May 9 '20 at 16:20
  • Thanks @DavidReed for being diligent. That's fake made up data. May 11 '20 at 18:23
  • Thank you for confirming! I've rolled your question back to your original version.
    – David Reed
    May 11 '20 at 18:25
  • Thanks @DavidReed May 11 '20 at 18:31

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