Recently I tried uninstalling the Dreamhouse app and I was able to success fully remove most components using the Uninstall button in the Installed Packages page. However there are a few lightning Component dependencies that I can't remove:

  1. MortgageCalculator
  2. MortageChanged

Instead, I get this error when trying to remove the first Lightning component - MortgageCalculator:

Referenced by a component instance inside the Lightning page Dreamhouse App Utility Bar : Lightning Page. (I am assumnig the Utility Bar was a child component of the Lightning Dreamhouse app page)

The strange thing is that I have already removed the Lightning App page for Dreamhouse App.

How do I removed the MortgageCalculator component form the Dreamhouse App Utility Utility Bar?

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    You need to remove all references to any DreamHouse related metadata. Remove MortgageCalculator from the utility bar and delete any other referenced. metadata. – Mert YALTI May 7 '20 at 16:12
  • @MertYALTI Thanks I was abkle to remove those meta data from the DH Utility Bar but I think I really screwed up the TP (TRailhead layground) because what I am now seeing is that I have 3 objects: Property__c, Broker__c and Activity that are in what seems to be an "eternal" relationship and I can get rid of the 2 custom objects of those 3. Recently, I just found a way to successfully remove the Dream House app from a TP by 1) just deactivating all of the Process Builder flows/modules and then 2) uninstalling for full deletion - not saving the remains of the deleted app for 48 hours. – Anthony Williams May 8 '20 at 21:43

So hopefully to help prevent this from happening to others when uninstalling Dreamhouse:

I searched for more info on ths topic and I discovered that based on the following link, I should've deactivated the process flows first and the uninstalled Dreamhouse package. (See Sawako Sagliano's answer: https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=9063A000000t2vMQAQ )

Just to test Sawako's steps, I opened up another Trailhead Playground (TP2) and :

  1. Installed Dreahouse package in SF.
  2. Deactivated the processes in DreamHouse
  3. Uninstalled the Dreamhouse package
  4. Verify that the Dreamhouse packaged was successfully uninstalled.

It uninstalled cleanly.

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