I have a button on a Contact detail page, which leads to a report specific for the displayed Contact:

{!URLFOR('/00O58000004S13g', null, [pv0=Contact.Id])}

However, this does not work in Lightning, there it needs to be like this:

{!URLFOR( '/lightning/r/Report/00O58000004S13gEAC/view?fv0=' + Contact.Id )}

So how do I make one button that works in both Classic and Lightning?

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The formulas that can used in button URLs allow for many things, making this expression possible:

URLFOR('/lightning/r/Report/00O58000004S13gEAC/view?fv0=' + Contact.Id),
URLFOR('/00O58000004S13g', null, [pv0=Contact.Id])

The button with this URL can be used both in Classic and in Lightning, which is quite useful when not all users can make the transfer to Lightning.

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