I have a scenario where there are 5 screens. On 2nd screen, The user will input a number(Repeat = x), based on that I want to repeat Interview screen 3, Interview screen 4, and Interview screen 5.

Example: If a user inputs Repeat = 4, then the flow will be like ==> Screen1, Screen2,

First time -> Screen3, Screen4, Screen5 (back to screen 3 again) Second time -> Screen3, Screen4, Screen5 Third time -> Screen3, Screen4, Screen5 Forth time -> Screen3, Screen4, Screen5 Finish!

Is repeat(loop) a screen functionality available? If not, can this be achieved?


You could create another variable in your flow, then at the last screen, add if logic if yourNewVar < repeat ==> add 1 to yourNewVar, and then return to screen 3.

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