I have a Custom Object = A, another Custom Object = B in a master detail relationship and the Account Object.

I want to be able to make checkbox = true on the Account, depending on some criteria on Custom Object = B. To mention: the checkbox is unchecked by default and based on Edit - Save, it gets automatically checked.

  • If custom field 1 = "Inbound" and custom field 2 = not blank, to make the checkbox = true on Account

     ***custom field 1** = text formula looking back at picklist field on Custom Object = A
     ***custom field 2** = text field
     ***there is a lookup field from custom object B to the Account that gets populated through a before trigger.**

What I have tried to do initially:

  1. Create a Process on Custom Object B - to start only when a record is created.
  2. check if custom field 2 = Global Constant = .Null AND custom field = formula "inbound", but it didn't work.

So I have also tried:

  1. Create a Process on Custom Object A - to start only when a record is created.
  2. Check custom field 3 = picklist = inbound
  3. I have created an invocable process on Custom Object B to call as an action in the process on Custom Object A, but the field reference is not helpful - created by, last modified by, owner id, etc.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Would a COUNT roll-up summary field work? You can count the number of detail objects that have the field set and then have a formula on the Account that reflects when the count is 1 or "1 or more" (depending on your use-case). – nbrown May 5 at 18:59
  • @nbrown - That's amazing. Thank you. I will give that a go and come back to you :) – SSimion May 6 at 8:07

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