I have created a schedulable apex that gets the leads that have been last modified for more than 3 days and perform an operation. But for my test class, i want to insert some test data... But the test data will have lastmodified date always today. So the query when i run the test class will not return results. How could i implement a solution to insert those test data and make the last modified date more than 3 so that query includes those records and pass the test ?

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There are multiple ways.

  • Quick and dirty: do an if on the query and return today's records if is running test, return 3 days ago otherwise. (Be careful with timezone differences, and tests running at around mid-night)
  • Using Test.loadData()
  • Using JSON.deserialize()

some more guided steps are given on this post

I personally like option 2, as it allows you to easily maintain Test data and be able to have a quick look at it, but I understand that playing with recordTypes might be a challenge.


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